Established in 2021

Welcome to Artmestry, your one-stop shop for all things resin art-related online. Preeti Atul Gandhi, the proprietor of our website, founded this company in 2021 out of her enthusiasm for producing stunning and distinctive resin art products. Although Artmestry is based in the tiny city of Akluj, our products can be sent anywhere in the world.

At Artmestry, we provide a vast selection of ready-made resin art products, including trays, jewellery, and home décor items like coasters. If you have a specific design in mind, we can work with you to make it a reality because we also specialise in producing customised resin art goods.

The most care and consideration go into the creation of each resin art piece. To guarantee that every product is of the highest calibre, we only employ premium tools and materials. Our resin art products will wow whether you’re seeking for a special gift or something to improve the decor of your own house.

We appreciate you picking Artmestry for your resin art need. As much as we like making them for you, we hope you enjoy using our products.

preeti Atul Gandhi


Creating customize us well as readymade beautiful, unique resin art products with eco-friendly materials .


Our vision at Artmestry is give life to your imagination via resin art


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